Tuesday, May 12, 2009


(loooooooong sigh)

Man has it been a day. My new beloved phone got a mind of it's own last night and I had to turn it off in order to keep my sanity. Then, I tried to watch TV and both the Tivo and cable remote wouldn't work! I was like a giant magnetic field or something. It was very strange.

This morning came and the remotes magically fixed themselves, but the phone was still on the skidz. Since my husband was out of town, I had to get a ride to work and because I was running behind, I had to straighten my bangs at work! Then, spent lunch at Verizon and again after work. Grrr... In the end, everything worked out fine and I still love my phone DEARLY. And this is was I looked like when it was all said and done:


... in desperate need of an iron, some lipstick and a nap.

LOVE this outfit, though. I picked up the top at Forever 21 ($20ish) on my recent trip to Baltimore, paired it with my JCP skinnies ($20), that $2 Talbots jacket from Goodwill, my Payless aviators, my very special anniversary bracelet and these awesome wood bead chandelier earrings from a local shop. And the shoes. Oh, how I love the shoes. These were my indulgence in the beginning of the spring. They're MIA's from endless.com. Love. Them.

I also love sleep. So, I'm off ...


  1. Great indulgence! Those shoes are super hot!

  2. Whoo hoo lovin' those monster wedges :)

  3. OMG the shoes! Crazy awesome.

  4. I love those skinnies. What brand are they?? thanks :)

  5. Seriously, seriously fantastic shoes. Love it!


  6. Love everything, the jacket is so gorgeous, and so are the shoes, love them too :)

  7. I LOVE this outfit. LOVE.IT. LOOOVVEE.

    But seriously, this top is awesome. I almost bought the exact same one not long ago and chickened out. Now I wish I had! And those shoes are FABBB.

    Well done, you!

  8. I too love those jeans! A really great casual outfit. You look so relaxed!

  9. Those are great shoes, and that top is to die for! :)

  10. I hope you got in your nap! Your outfit is very cute! I love that top!

  11. I love this look! But I am seriously loving the shoes - they are needed in my life!


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