Thursday, May 14, 2009


orange 2

orange 1

So, this is what the sun looks like around here? That's refreshing, because today has returned to our typical gloomy rainy spring(?) day.

Obviously, this was yesterday's outfit. Sorry I'm late on the post.

I'm remixing the same orange jersey maxi dress from a couple of weeks ago (remember when it was warm?) with different accessories. Since it wasn't sundress weather, I threw this short sleeve cardigan (Sears, $10) over it and dressed it up with a more vibrant scarf (vintage - Nanny's). Lastly, I switched out the gladiator sandals for these more modern black patent ones. I know this style is SUPER popular right now, but I can see why. I just LOVE the way they look on my feet.

When my boss came to work yesterday, he said, "You're colorful today!"

Hmmm....thanks, I think. Some men are just not good at these things.

Anyway, loving the "summer scarf" look and have been even more inspired to keep it up after receiving my latest issue of Lucky with this clip:


  1. Isn't it amazing just by changing assesories you can change the look of a dress! Beautiful maxi on you :)

    Hope your phone is working good again.


  2. I loved that bit in Lucky, too, and am totally sporting a "summer scarf" today, too. Also, I'm giving you fair warning that I love this scarf+maxi combo so much that I will be appropriating it shortly! You look fantastic and I adore the brights!

    - e.

  3. I seriously have an addiction to these sandals... I may have to force myself to go a week without them. Aren't they fabulous? Love the dress!!

  4. Great working outfit! No wonder your boss gave you a compliment!


  5. I loved that dress the first time you wore it and I still love it today. It looks so good on you. And orange is SO my new fave color!

  6. Love this!! Those sandals look great with it.

  7. I love that outfit! I still feel fairly mixed about the maxi dress, but this is great. So relaxed and fab. The scarf is such a fun way to add some pattern!

    Silly question: do you just knot the scarf behind your neck?

  8. Hey, ladies - Thanks so much for all of the comments. I always enjoy reading your thoughts!

    Jess - yes, the scarf is simply folded into a triangle and knotted behind my neck with tails hanging down. Super easy!

    Thanks again!

  9. I Luv Luv what you did with the scarf!!! So great!

  10. Oh my I WANT that dress Soooooo much!

  11. What a fabulous idea for a scarf over the maxi! Looks great and I love the burnt orange color!


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