Saturday, July 20, 2013

always moving forward

Wow.  I totally fell off the face of the earth!  Have no fear.  I'm still here.  Always moving forward.  Still getting dressed.  Still feeling the need to photograph my favorites for memory's sake.

And still doing a lot of this:

Picture by Chuck Fong

I miss the blogosphere, but I sure am loving life.   Maybe I'll be back ... someday.

Have a great weekend!

(Posted from my iPhone, so please excuse the mess!)

Monday, December 10, 2012

last hurrahs

12-4-12 1 12-4-12 2

I hope you all had as awesome of a weekend as I did!  I got to play derby not once, but twice!  Which means I also got to spend time with a few of my most favorite people.  Even better, I get to play more derby this weekend.  Yay!

12-4-12 3 12-4-12 4

We had some wonderfully warmer temps last week, so I took full advantage and broke out the bare legs.  And now that I'm moving into a professional working environment, I'm taking every last chance to wear some of my less professional options.  I loved this outfit and will definitely keep it around for the weekends!

12-4-12 5 12-4-12 6

JCPenney boys sweater (Get the look!)
Vintage skirt (Get the look!)
Seychelles heels (Get the look!)
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

moving out

12-3-12 1

It has been a busy week, kids!  We got a fantastic start with 60+ degree days, which was nothing short of awesome.  Bare ankles and light jackets in December?  Yes, please.

12-3-12 2 12-3-12 3 12-3-12 4

This sweater is the only mint item in my closet.  In fact, it's probably the only pastel in my closet.  I just love the way it looks with deeper colors like maroon, rust and browns.

I threw it on for a long, busy day on Monday.  With my new job just around the corner, I've been doing a ton of moving and shuffling lots of stuff from place to place as I tie up loose ends at my current job.  In fact, I have my first day tomorrow ... and I'm SO NERVOUS, EXCITED, ETC!  It's like the first day of school all over again!  Ack!

See you on the other side!

12-3-12 5

JCP jacket (Get the look!)
Vintage sweater (Get the look!)
JCP pants (Get the look!)
Nine West loafers (Get your own!)
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