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cut offs 2

cut offs 1

(hehehe - my dog is mooning you!)

...anyway, these are by FAAAAAR the shortest shorts I've owned since like 9th grade. As you already know, I'm a lover of walking shorts, but above the knee shorts and I have a spotty history. I've always had a hard time feeling confident in them, because I have never had slender legs, at least not beyond the age of 7. I can remember being self-conscious about my legs in 5th grade.

Then after college and before losing weight, I would have done anything to have those legs that I hated for so long. Now, that I have them back, I think I'm finely starting to come around. They are not long. They are not tall glasses of water. And they've got some mean curve to them! But what they are is really strong and I'm very thankful for that. They may not showcase a great mini, but they do showcase some hard-earned muscle.

A while back, someone left a comment on my blog complimenting my calves. It was out of the blue and the very kind commenter noted the muscle tone that made them so "sexy." I often think about that comment when I'm having crummy low-confidence days. (You know who you are lovely commentor, so thanks again!)

Then, yesterday, Sal over at Already Pretty had this most excellent post/discussion about strong female bodies that I can totally relate to. So, go check it out.

As I get older and learn to better care for my body, I'm much more accepting of it. I think I can finally honestly say that I don't hate any part of my body. Of course there are parts that I love more than others, but hate is such a strong word and to use it on myself would be unjust.

So, as far as the outfit goes, I like the concept very much. I don't know that I will wear the shorts very often, but they do allow me the opportunity to practice feeling that my lesser-loved body parts are also sexy. And practice makes perfect.

(Blazer, JCP $30 - T-shirt, AA $22 - Necklace, Target $cheap - Cut offs, thrifted jeans $4, then DIY - bag, thrifted $1.75 - sandals, Target $17)


  1. You look great!

    Love 2 see your dog!


  2. You're very welcome :) (I think..)

    I am with you... Sal's post yesterday hit such a cord with me! I have also grown up very self conscious of my legs, and are even more so today. But then I remember how many miles and how many soccer games they have carried me through and I am thankful at least for a moment.

    Rock those cutoffs with full abandon! You deserve it....

  3. Your legs are great! atleast you dont have cottage cheese thighs. I possess such misery, but hey, they work so there is a bonus.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, doll! And I'm so glad to hear you're making peace with your great gams ...

  5. You look great in short shorts!

  6. Well you always look gorgeous, and im not just saying it, i mean it. You have such a gorgeous face and such a strong and fit yet very feminine body, and i think having confidence is the most sexiest feature of any person, whether it's a guy or a woman. Plus you have a great sense of fashion and you're rocking this outfit! :)

  7. Btw, i forgot to mention that i WISH i had muscular legs that actually showed the muscle on them, i can notice muscle everywhere else in my body legs.
    I envy your leg muscle :) in a good way

  8. Cute shorts, cute legs, cute Kyla, cute doggie!

    I agree that it does take time to learn to really appreciate your body--I've even learned to love my chicken legs.

  9. 'Confidence Case' on the staircase....great word choice. Every day I look forward to reading your blog. Your fashion sense is an added bonus. The shorts look great, your legs are fabulous......ya got it, flaunt it! :)

    Congrats on your 2nd feature on!

  10. Your looking awesome! As usual!

  11. well i have skinny legs and have always had issues them not having bigger calves! haha! thats life!
    it wasnt till recently that i said to myself: woman you love the look of a skirt and you love dresses.... SO WEAR THEM! and i have and im loving it! i still have skinny legs but i see them with new eyes and love them :)
    im not going to be ungrateful for having two good legs that take me so many places nope not gonna do it! and now ive learned to wear a line skirts and dresses to right at my knees and its quite flattering! there are some styles that just arent flattering ... so i dont wear them wow what a concept eh? its been hard to make peace with my issues and i havent with others but with my legs yeah im cool! and i can look at your awesomely shapely legs and think wow nice legs and not feel any less womanly for the lack of curvy on me its all good! but boy it took a while :)
    hugs to you!

  12. I Love the look!!!! I tagged this outfit on my blog, Thanks!!


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